What to wear on a first date: 3 outfit ideas for all kinds of dates

First there was excitement, then there was panic. What should I wear on a first date? Find out what is the best first date attire.

We’ve all been there. All of a sudden you feel like you have nothing to wear and no inspiration on how to dress yourself. Woo hoo!

But stress no more: we’ve come up with ten first date outfits that will help you look and feel your best, no matter what kind of date you’re going on. From ultra-casual to fancy, this guide has got you covered!

No matter what type of date you’re going on, there are some guidelines to consider when preparing.

Tips for choosing date clothes.
Wear what makes you feel most confident. While you may feel pressured to ‘impress’ your date, there is no outfit more impressive than a confident attitude.

Try on your outfit before you wear it on a date. As much as you want to go out and buy a new outfit and wear it out, you don’t want to experience any wardrobe malfunctions! Stick with an outfit that you can live with. Stick with a suit you can trust.

Choose comfort. I’m not saying to show up in sweatpants, but if you feel comfortable in your clothes, you’ll feel more relaxed and therefore more able to enjoy your date.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s get to the looks. Read on for ten outfit ideas for ten different types of dates and you’ll never be stressed again!

P.S. – These date outfits work after the first date too. Even if you’re in a relationship, you can totally use this guide to help you get dressed for your next date night.

Now that we’ve got the basics down, let’s get to the looks. Keep reading for ten different types of date outfit ideas and you’ll never stress out again!

P.S. – These date outfits work after the first date too. Even if you’re in a relationship, you can totally use this guide to help you get dressed for your next date night.

10 outfit ideas for every kind of date
1. Coffee date outfit

A coffee date is usually the first choice for a first date, as it is a relaxed environment that is ideal for getting to know someone. Because of this, your attire should be laid back while still looking organised – even in a casual setting, you should try to put your best foot forward. After all, looking “effortless” is inevitably going to take some effort.

While my top tip is to wear what is truly yours and makes you feel most confident, I recommend not going overboard on a coffee date. Jeans will make you feel comfortable and look laid back, which means just right for this date. If you have a favourite pair of jeans that you feel suits your body best, I suggest you wear them.
Wear your jeans with a cute top or jumper, such as an off-the-shoulder jumper in a neutral colour. It won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard, but still have a taller look.

Choosing neutral shades, especially for daytime dates, is another way to look stylish without going overboard. Also, it’s easy to match some neutral coloured footwear to your outfit, such as some taupe suede ankle boots. These are very versatile, with a small heel and understated design that can be worn with almost any look.

Cut back on any accessories to keep your outfit casual. A delicate gold pendant necklace (this one has an initial pendant to give it character) adds a touch of interest without making the whole ensemble stand out too much.

2. Fancy date night outfit ideas

Going out for a fancy dinner or a stylish bar for your date? That means it’s time to get dressed up!

While you may want to dress super chic, I recommend picking an outfit that is somewhere between chic and classic, especially for a first date. You don’t want to risk wearing what you’ve got on!

Enter the ‘little black dress’. The ‘little black dress’ is a timeless choice for almost any occasion, and this mid-length dress in ribbed knit material with a sweetheart neckline looks particularly lustrous. The dress has a very flattering silhouette that includes a tie and a slit. The ribbed jumper material also lends a luxurious texture to this dress, giving it an elevated look.

Pair these with some black mule sandals which have an equally sleek look. The square toe gives these shoes a modern vibe and the low heel makes them more manageable when walking. I would recommend that you don’t wear very high heels on your first date to avoid difficult or uncomfortable walking.

Accessorise with jewellery that makes a statement but doesn’t overshadow the outfit – think small drop earrings and a cool bracelet. These silver chain link earrings and chain link bracelet add just the right amount of shine to make the dress look more glamorous.

A classic and stylish black crocodile embossed handbag is the ultimate night out bag to complete this chic outfit.

3. casual dinner date outfit

If you’re having a casual dinner at a more low-key place on a first date, you’ll want to wear an outfit that suits the atmosphere. At the same time, you don’t want to dress too casually because this is a date after all

For a casual dinner date, my go-to is the classic combination of fitted jeans and a cute top (or tights).

This strapless jumpsuit has a casual feel to it as it resembles a Henley t-shirt, however, it’s flattering cut, strapless design, and fun button detailing make it even more glamorous.

While the relaxed denim style is on trend right now, an equally stylish pair of slim-fit, high-waisted jeans will look even more elevated with this outfit.

High heels would look out of place at a casual dinner, so opt for flat or low-heeled ankle boots. These sheepskin cognac coloured boots go perfectly with the rust coloured jumpsuit.

Finally, wear some understated earrings, like these small woven gold hoops.

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