The Uggs are officially back, and here it is in 2022 style.

For a few years in the 2010s, UGGs were considered the epitome of basics. At the time, most high-flying fashion experts called them the ugliest shoes ever made and deemed them permanently ‘obsolete’.

All that has changed. Turtle shoes are a big hit again – and what a turnaround it is.

The image of a girl in leggings, a hoodie and UGGs has long been looked down upon as slouchy fashion. But this trend hasn’t always been associated with negative stereotypes. After all, UGGs have been a shoe of choice and a staple in every woman’s wardrobe since the early 21st century.

After all, what’s not to love about UGGs? They’re comfortable, they go with everything and they’re easy to put on. At one point, I owned six different pairs of shoes.

But when they suddenly became a symbol of tackiness, my UGGs were moved to the corner of shame in my room. They were only taken out on ski trips, as an apr├Ęs-ski necessity.

In 2020, however, that all changed. Together we decided we wanted to be comfortable at home, and what could be more comfortable than UGGs? All types of comfortable slippers and pull-on boots made a comeback during the quarantine.

As a result, UGGs have made a triumphant return to take centre stage in the footwear trend. Not to mention, they’re back better than ever with shorter styles that take away the heaviness and chunkiness of the boot.

From Kaia Gerber, to Kendall Jenner and Joan Smalls, Uggs are the new off-duty go-to for all models. And this year we have basically all the models off-duty, so it’s no wonder Uggs are making a comeback. Not to mention Andre Leon Talley surprised the whole world with his iconic Vogue shoot in Uggs.

But how do we wear UGGs in a non-basic way? Or even, dare I say it, in a fashionable way? In a 2022 way?

Well, with plenty of celebrity inspiration, here are a few outfits to wear with your UGGs in 2022. All you need now is to dig out those shoes you’ve been secretly saving for years and finally give them the love they deserve.

Boho Chic Style

Like UGG, bohemian fashion experienced a comeback during the pandemic.

With people wanting to be more connected to nature as we are all stuck indoors on the Zoom, boho is making a comeback and also shunning its former basic stereotype of Coachella.

Natural fibres, natural dyes, flowing clothes and comfort are at the centre of the new bohemian fashion trend.

While turtle shoes and bohemians may not seem like the best match, they now seem to be a match made in heaven. A flowy dress paired with some on-trend knitwear, a classic fedora (the fashion of boho chic) and some UGG boots make for an unpretentious casual look that’s perfect for 2022.

Athleisure style

Kaia Gerber has redefined the basic UGG girl look. And she did it with very few extra accessories, which flew off the shelves. Nothing says 2020 like a 90s duffel bag and some thigh-high white socks.

So when you’re lounging around the house in leggings and a cute jumper and realise you’ve already eaten everything in the fridge, all you need to go to Trader Joe’s is a 90’s bag and of course a pair of UGGs.

Dressed up and casual style

Mixing casual wear with formal wear is a classic for 2020. The skill of doing so has been perfected in quarantine as almost every Zoom dress code is along these lines.

I honestly don’t think anyone did it as well as Jimmy Fallon, who wore a hoodie under his blazer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

So, how do you do it? Well, if, like me, your hoodie collection is beyond the capacity of your wardrobe, you’ll have plenty of options to pair with an oversized leather jacket from the 90s.

While no one pulls off a leather jacket like Brad Pitt in Fight Club, it’s probably my favourite return to 90s style, which is saying a lot because 2022 is basically 1999 from a fashion perspective.

Wear it with some colourful sunglasses, leather shorts, a mask and of course your UGGs.

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