Stay safe in style with the new Orbitkey steriliser holder

Melbourne-based everyday carry legend Orbitkey has turned its attention to sanitising with style with the launch of a new Orbitkey sanitiser holder. A handy little thing to have after a big hit, the new sanitiser holder keeps things clean, convenient and highly functional, in line with the brand’s mission to make everyday essentials a little better.

Over the past few years, the Australian business has built a solid reputation for itself, making lifestyle products for the everyday adventurer with a passion for clever and innovative organisational solutions. We’ve previously noted how the Orbitkey Nest portable organiser and wireless charger and the Orbitkey office mat successfully walk the tightrope between form and function, but the brand’s latest effort is making a real difference.

“In early April 2020, the team gave serious thought to what could be done to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” Orbitkey says.” Within five weeks, we designed three different styles of our original line of steriliser holders – clip-on, traction and lanyard – and launched the Orbitkey Helping Hands initiative to help alleviate the crisis.”

As part of the Helping Hands initiative, Orbitkey donated more than 500 retractable sanitiser holders to key staff in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. In the more than two years since its initial launch, the lifestyle brand has introduced new and improved sanitiser holders, redesigning the crowd-favourite clip format and introducing lighter bottles that are easy to use, refill and secure to any bag or strap.

This new EDC essential is designed with a 50ml refillable premium aluminium bottle and a pump dispenser for liquid and gel disinfectants, connected via the Orbitkey Clip attachment. According to the Melbourne-based business, the new disinfectant holder is the ideal solution for health and safety fanatics, especially in the emerging wave of COVID infections. With this new product you can clean your hands frequently and conveniently on the go without having to rummage around in your bag or backpack.

The Orbitkey sanitiser holder is available in three finishes including black, silver and blush and will be available from 10 August 2022. All sanitiser holders will be available worldwide with prices starting from A$34.90.

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