Saweetie believes in both of these well-loved brands when it comes to managing oily skin.

Saweetie is known for her signature icy girl smell.

She appeared at red carpet events with her frosty hair for the 2021 Met Gala and regularly dabbles in current beauty trends with impressive hair colour variations.

So, as far as skin care is concerned, it should come as no surprise that the rapper has a preference for wannabes who make dealing with acne a luxurious experience.

In her recent Vogue beauty tips reveal, Saweetie shares that she has struggled with oily skin and breakouts since she was an adolescent. But after her mum got her on a solid skin care routine, she hasn’t looked back.

Interestingly, the rapper is a big fan of the brand, raving about brands like Tatcha and Ole Henriksen.

As for the specific products she swears by to manage her oily skin and recurring acne problems, allow us to introduce you to ……

A deep cleansing face wash
Saweetie speaks highly of Tatcha The Deep Cleanse ($57 at MECCA) because it does what it says on the bottle.

“It’s a deep cleanser, but it’s also super light,” she confirms.

As well as being gentle on the skin, she shared that “it leaves your skin feeling really smooth”.

A mask to boost radiance
I like to do some masks before I put on my makeup because it gives your girl an extra glow,” the rapper says in the video, singling out the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask (MECCA, $102).

Her advice on post-masking is also super important.

“Ladies, make sure you rinse with cold water – especially for my girls with large pores -“.

Why, you might ask? According to Saweetie, rinsing with cold water is a super important step for people who are prone to acne.

“You don’t want to leave your pores open for makeup to seep in because that creates pimples,” she explains.

A toner to clarify the complexion
Another key step in Saweetie’s anti-acne routine? Toner.

Saweetie’s go-to for clarifying skin is, of course, the Ole Henriksen Balancing Power Oil Control Toner ($45 at Sephora).

“For a girl with skin like mine – super oily – you know sometimes there’s a little bit of grime left behind. So I like to use Ole Henriksen’s toner,” she explains.

She explains: “[But] make sure you move quickly …… because you want to apply the lotion right after the toner,” the rapper advises.

A brightening moisturiser
Saweetie has previously received some backlash for her favourite moisturiser, the highly regarded OLE HENRIKSEN C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème (Sephora $68).

It seems that people are under the impression that this whitening formula is a skin whitening cream (it’s not) and according to the rapper, she has no intention of buying a skin lightening product; “I love my melanin,” she says in the video.

“I love my melanin,” she says in the video.” This [moisturiser] is for dark spots,” she assures viewers.

“I have a really nasty pimple, that thing is so ugly, it’s really coming at me, it’s not cute at all, [but this] brightens up that dark spot,” Saweetie explained.

“She said, “I can’t have pimples on my face, I have to squeeze them out.” So the consequence was that a dark spot appeared and I had to clean it up.”

Hence the need for a whitening moisturiser formula.


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