Mixed Bag of Goodies

Balenciaga is now selling $2,500 designer trash bags and Frank Ocean has launched a $44,000 diamond cock ring. While we all want to see the little one sparkling in the bedroom, it’s time to relax into the weekend with some healthy vibes and positive energy.

Apple marks 40 years in Australia with a new commitment
We don’t know how long this little tech product with the funny fruit logo will last. This week marks the 40th anniversary of Apple’s debut in Australia and to kick off the celebrations, the tech giant has announced a number of new initiatives that will help protect the environment and create opportunities for communities across the country. Specifically, the new links will help develop renewable energy, expand coding education programs and build partnerships with Aboriginal-led non-profit organisations to promote equity and opportunity. Here’s what you need to know.

Renewable energy project – Apple has purchased clean energy from a new wind farm in Queensland, enabling the brand to help address the energy customers use to power and enjoy their Apple products. aplle has already achieved carbon neutrality across all of the company’s global facilities and operations, and this new project is part of its goal to be carbon neutral across its business, manufacturing supply chain and product lifecycle by 2030 part of its goal to become carbon neutral across its business, manufacturing supply chain and product lifecycle by 2030.
New coding opportunities – Apple has expanded its collaboration with major Australian universities, including RMIT University in Melbourne and the University of Technology Sydney, in the area of coding. Through these two universities, Apple is launching two new Apple Foundation courses that will offer a four-week foundation course in Swift application development. Over the course of a month, students will gain the skills to design and prototype their own apps and learn introductory coding skills. Both programs will be open for enrolment later this year, with courses starting in early 2023.
Supporting Australia’s Aboriginal communities – In a very positive move, Apple is expanding its Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) to Australia, funding initiatives and community non-profit organisations that serve Aboriginal communities. With a new focus on addressing systemic racism and creating pathways for people of colour, Australia is awarding grants to worthwhile ventures such as Deadly Connections, ID. Know Yourself, First Australians Capital, the Art Gallery of NSW and Original Power.
“We all have a responsibility in creating a more equitable world,” said Alisha Johnson, Apple’s REJI Director.” The extension of the company’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative to Australia is part of Apple’s long-standing commitment to help support Australia’s Indigenous communities by partnering with organisations that drive meaningful change.

Maxibon’s pop-up vending machines are delivering thousands of waffle ice creams
To celebrate the launch of the coveted Maxibon Waffle On, Maxibon is debuting the Maxibon Waffle On Drive-Tru. For one weekend only, Maxibon will be taking over the Saul’s Sandwiches Drive Thru station on the King’s Road, replacing the regular Maxibon sandwich with a Maxibon Sandwiches. Fans of ice cream, breakfast and all things Bon in Melbourne can visit the drive-thru and get the new Waffle On between 12 and 14 August. there are thousands of free Maxibon Waffle On Bons to give away, as well as exclusive Maxibon merchandise for the first person in line.


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