If you can spot a hidden butterfly in 11 seconds, you may be an optical illusion genius

Now it’s time to spread your mental wings and try to find this conspicuous little butterfly hiding in his optical illusion. So far you’ve all enjoyed trying to spot empty cups and spot daisies, but today we turn our attention to everyone’s favourite fluttering insect. If you can spot it in 11 seconds, you’ll be the new record holder, according to Jargan Josh, who posted the puzzle. So, before it flies away, crack it below.

The picture above shows a branch of a tree with a few small green leaves and flower buds, but somewhere in the picture there is a hidden butterfly. What makes this task difficult is that this butterfly is well camouflaged amongst all the leaves and flowers. So are you ready to break the record? Pull out your stopwatch and put yourself to the test.

If you’re still struggling, Jargon Josh gives some tips to help you. They say.” Try looking from top to bottom and observe any changes in the picture. If you look closely at the picture, it’s right in front of you.”

Can you catch it in time? If you look at the picture below, we can see the answer. As you can see, the butterfly is hiding in plain sight, right in the middle of the capture. This is not an easy puzzle, the butterfly’s wings look almost identical to the leaves of the tree.

If it is more of a record that you seek, we can suggest that you try to spot the cash in this visual illusion in 32 seconds.


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