How to nail an effortless summer beauty look, says Elle Ferguson

If someone asked us to describe effortless beauty, we’d show them a picture of Elle Ferguson. This girl has totally mastered the whole *** thing. From her signature wavy mermaid hair and cool girl balayage, to her perfectly bronzed skin and desirable sun-kissed makeup – she’s definitely the quintessential beach babe (just ask her 677K Instagram followers).

While making us want to be her, the model, influencer and entrepreneur is emerging as Australia’s next big beauty boss. She recently joined the Olay family as one of the beauty brand’s ambassadors and launched her popular rose-scented tanning product, Elle Effect, this year, so when we picked her brain to find out all her beauty secrets, we knew we were in for a treat.

Focusing on a solid skin care routine
First and foremost, a good skin care routine is the foundation for healthy, radiant skin.” Be proactive in your skin care routine early on, stick to it no matter what and always make hydration a priority – it’s the key to healthy, youthful skin,” says Elle.

“As my skin tends to be quite reactive, I prefer to stick to the minimal products that I know really work. At night, I use a simple cleanser and only use warm water to wake up in the morning. The three-step programme I currently use includes my favourite skincare ingredient, retinol.

“Once my face is cleansed, I use Olay’s Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence, which activates anti-ageing ingredients. I then apply Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream – which, when used with Pre-Essence, strengthens the skin barrier for healthier looking skin. The third and final step is Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream – which locks in all the moisture and deeply nourishes my complexion overnight.

是否有人对晒黑脸部的事情感到害怕?因为也是如此。它可能是可怕的,因为感觉有很多事情可能出错 但是根据Elle的说法,这实际上是一个人看起来像刚从海滩度假回来的金光闪闪的关键–所以不要在你的脖子上停止假晒!”我从古铜色的基础上开始晒太阳。”她说:”我先用我的Elle Effect美黑慕斯打好古铜色底色,每隔三天就在脸上重新涂抹一次。


Using a BB cream
To even out your skin tone and brighten your skin, Elle recommends opting for a light, sheer coverage (rather than a heavier foundation) as this will give your skin a healthy, fresh glow. I like to keep my make-up to a minimum, especially in the warmer summer months,” she says.

“I add a touch of foundation with Olay’s Total 7-in-1 BB Cream, which also includes SPF 15 – a great addition to protect against UV rays as I spend a lot of time working and playing in the sun during the warmer months. The vitamin-enriched formula also fights dullness and holds up in hot weather.”

Add a sun-kissed hue
To get that island-hopping blush that takes all day, apply a cream blush to your cheeks. Elle says she also sprinkles some bronzing powder on her jawline, cheekbones and forehead to add a little extra brightness.” She says, “I pick up my By Rosie Jane Essentials Cheek & Lip Gloss and add some NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna around my face if I’m feeling particularly golden looking at night.

Styling your hair in your sleep
To create ready-to-use curls, Elle says it’s all in the night prep – and let’s be honest, we’re all about grabbing an extra five minutes in bed in the morning.” ‘My hair routine is fairly simple,’ she says.” I usually spray TRESemmé Instant Refreshing Clean Dry Shampoo into the roots of my hair before bed to add gritty texture and volume to my style for the next morning. This way, your dry shampoo can start working through the night, soaking up any excess oil and ensuring you don’t have those telltale white powder marks.


Using curling tongs in the morning
If you want to add a little volume and shape to your hair, pick up a styling wand.” ‘My basic hairdressing tool is the GHD curling tong, I carry it everywhere and use it to curl my hair most days,’ says Elle.” To create an effortless beach look, I always curl my hair away from my face and then brush the curls out of the way to make them look ‘less’ shapely.”

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