How should polo shirts and button down short sleeve shirts be matched?

Short sleeve button down and polo shirts …… They get a bad rap, man. I think it’s mostly because the nerds and idiots who wear them in TV shows and movies wear them like shit.

The fit is off, the colour is off, the length is off …… Everything is wrong.

But in warm weather, short-sleeved shirts are lifesavers! Especially if you run as hot as I do. Especially if you run as hot as I do.

In general, your short-sleeved button-down shirt (and polo shirt, but more on that later) should fit slim, but not too tight.

Try the sit down test
When trying on a new shirt, button it up as you normally would and sit down in a chair.

It should feel as comfortable (and have enough stretch) when sitting as it does when standing. The buttons should not be pulled apart; the shirt should not stretch over your torso like spandex.

If you can pull the shirt away from your midsection about 2 inches or so while sitting (pretend it’s a hot day and you want to get some air circulation), then you’re good to go.

By the way, the short-sleeved shirt you see in these photos is from Peter Manning. PMNYC is a long-time partner of EG and I’m happy to feature their short-sleeved shirts in this post as a perfect example of a fitted short-sleeved shirt.

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