How should I sit when wearing a short skirt?

When wearing short skirts, or tight skirts such as pencil skirts or others, they often start to pull up the legs, especially when sitting. Knowing how you should sit when wearing a short skirt can save you from some embarrassing moments.

How to keep your skirt from pulling up

When a skirt is tight against your legs, it is likely to start to creep upwards. With the movement of walking or sitting, this movement will cause the hem of the skirt to be pulled up. There are several ways to minimise this, including wearing safety shorts or shapewear under the skirt, using garment tape, or using hairspray.

These solutions will create a rubbing or somewhat sticky feel that allows the skirt to stick to the shorts or skin. As the skirt comes into contact with the material or with hairspray-soaked skin, it will resist moving and stay in place.

Wearing a wrap around dress allows for extra coverage and if part of it starts to rise, there is another layer of cloth wrapped around it that will keep the legs and body covered. A loose skirt can also swivel and move around the legs but will not be pulled upwards by the movement.

Exercises to keep the skirt from being pulled up

When walking in a dress or skirt that tends to lift upwards, take small steps. Smaller steps will bring your knees closer together and thus make it easier for the skirt to stay in place. Longer steps will result in the skirt being pulled up more quickly and it will need to be readjusted frequently.

By using one of the above strategies, such as wearing safety shorts or shapewear underneath, and taking shorter or smaller steps, it is still possible to enjoy dancing. Smooth movements and slow dancing can help keep the skirt of the dress from being pulled down more and will require less adjustment.

How to sit when wearing a short skirt

When sitting in a short skirt it is helpful to hold your hand against the skirt before you sit down as the skirt will rise and you can control and correct it to some extent. Sitting with your knees together and turned to one side or the other can help to keep your skirt from moving once you are seated. Some people find that crossing their ankles can help create a comfortable sitting position while keeping the skirt in place. Alternatively, crossing your legs at the knee can be a comfortable sitting position and can prevent anyone from looking up if the skirt starts to rise. Tighter skirts are easiest to keep in place by crossing your legs at the ankles or not crossing your legs at all.

Wearing skirts is a common way of dressing for many people, and short skirts are comfortable in the summer and don’t get too hot. Skirts always run the risk of starting to creep up your legs, but this can be limited by using hairspray, dress tape or shapewear as a way of preventing your skirt from moving and by sitting in the correct way. Wearing a wrap or loose skirt will avoid this problem as they are more likely to stay in place, however the back of any skirt will ride up and get shorter in the back when sitting down.

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