Can men wear skinny jeans like girls?

Skinny jeans are suitable for both genders and can easily be worn by men or women. For best results it is important to try a few different sizes and styles as skinny jeans come in several different sizes in the waist and legs. Some people may ask how men can wear skinny jeans without bulging, and this often comes down to how their waist and pockets are positioned to fit.

What makes them skinny jeans

Jeans are considered skinny jeans when they are cut so that the leg fits snugly around the wearer’s leg. They can be offered in different waist sizes including high, mid and low waist or hip huggers. Although they are tighter around the hips than most other jeans, they are still sized to allow for more room at the waist and hips.

Who wears skinny jeans?

Anyone can wear skinny jeans. They create a long legged look and can have a slimming effect. They can be worn by both men and women, on any body type and many body shapes.

Avoid flab in skinny jeans

The pockets of skinny jeans can have an effect that causes a bulge to appear. Having anything close to your body in the pockets of your jeans will cause a bulge in the shape of that item. A waist with small pockets in the front will help reduce the chance of a bulge appearing due to keys, mobile phones or other things. Pockets that are higher in the back will also help to prevent discomfort and the visible shape of what is in the pocket from occurring.

Avoid tucking shirts into skinny jeans. They can bunch up and cause lumps and bumps to appear on the jeans. However, this can be concealed by wearing a longer jumper or a blazer or jacket that falls below the waist.

The choice of underwear is also an important part of avoiding bulges in skinny jeans. Boxers have a high amount of fabric and are looser around the legs, which can cause bulges and can create lumps and bumps where they gather. This is both uncomfortable and can create an unsightly appearance. Wearing boxer briefs that fit snugly around the legs and are less likely to shift, or wearing briefs, can help ensure that everything stays in place and that the wearer is comfortable.

Choosing a larger size than wearing a loose fit may be necessary. This allows for extra room to move around and is not restrictive. Skinny jeans that are tight around the waist and hips may be more uncomfortable and when too tight they can restrict movement and make walking and sitting less comfortable.

Anyone can wear skinny jeans, as long as they choose the right size and pair them with the right items. Choosing shirts that don’t need to be tucked in, a loose waistline and underwear that won’t move or bunch can help prevent bulges in skinny jeans.

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