8 essential survival items for emergency preparedness

1. Batteries
Even radios need power to play signals, so collecting the right batteries can get you out of a jam in an emergency. Energizer is known for its reliable, long-lasting batteries, so these quality products should be the first choice, no matter how big they are needed.

2. Rechargeable power packs
Use these to charge your phone so you can check on loved ones and call for help if the line is still open.The Energizer Vision Ultra rechargeable headlamp is charged via USB, so the power bank can be used to extend your light source for several days of continuous use.

3. Swiss Army knife or multi-tool
A durable Swiss Army knife or high-quality multi-tool can be a game changer. The best models come with dozens of tools, including knives, scissors, screwdrivers, pliers, bottle openers, nail files and can openers, making them ideal for storing all those food jars in the back of the pantry. In fact, you shouldn’t wait until an emergency to use a Swiss Army knife or multi-tool. There are many reasons why you should carry one in your daily work.

4. First aid kit
A first aid kit is essential in any situation. A standard first aid kit will allow you to be prepared to treat cuts and burns and have the equipment to treat broken bones and serious wounds until the emergency services can assist.


5. Sleeping bags
If you are forced to seek shelter in a tent, the warmth and thick padding of a sleeping bag is also essential. In addition, they are lighter and more portable than blankets.

6. Waterproof bag
Seal mobile phones, valuables, wi-fi batteries and flammable items such as matches and fire starters in waterproof bags to keep them dry during use. These bags can be ordinary ziplock bags or waterproof bags designed for hypothetical situations like the one we are preparing for.

7. lighters and matches
Sure, Tom Hanks rubbed twigs together and built a fire in Cast Away. But if matches or a lighter were available, he would have used them too. So keep a few of these in your survival kit and keep them in a waterproof bag for when you need a heat source or to generate a bright signal.

8. A pack of cards
There are many board games that can provide entertainment. But we’ve counted more than 50 different games that can be played with a classic deck of cards. The game of Monopoly can only be played so many times before it tears families apart and ruins relationships. Playing cards is a great way to keep everyone sane and provide a necessary distraction from a survival situation. The Energizer Vision Ultra Rechargeable Headlamp will be useful for rummy and Texas Hold’em rounds during power outages.

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