3 trendy outfits you can wear again and again this year

If you’re obsessed with fashion, you’ve probably noticed that there are tons of new trends this season. 2020 is a bit of a wash when it comes to fashion trends, so shops everywhere are making up for it this year with tons of new and trendy items.

1. Trendy Spring Outfit #1

Marble designs on clothing is a very new fashion trend that you may have started to see on Instagram. Your favourite influencers are starting to wear all sorts of clothes with this design, from tops to bottoms and even dresses. So, I thought I’d kick off our Spring Outfit 2021 guide with an outfit featuring a marble print crop top.

This lovely outfit will help you keep up with all the trends as it not only features a marble crop top but also incorporates these lovely white flared trousers (flared trousers are all the rage right now too).

If you want to spice up this outfit, you can pair it with some high heels like these stylish wedges. Wedges with a peep toe are another recent fashion trend.

Finally, for some accessories, you could add a cute bear claw hair clip and a brown baguette to your hair to match.

2. Trendy Spring Outfit #2

If you are looking for a cute and stylish dress to wear this spring, you should go for a halter dress like this one.

These dresses are very popular right now and they look really cute, especially if they have an interesting design like this dress, which comes in brown. You might be surprised by the inclusion of brown for spring, but brown is actually a popular colour in fashion at the moment, so you’ll definitely look 2021 appropriate in this dress.

As for the shoes, I love these cute black strappy heels. Also, to complete the look, I suggest adding some fun accessories like these chunky rings that come in a set and these three hoop earrings.

If you need something to carry your belongings in, a long black striped bag will work for any outfit, especially this one.

3. Trendy Spring Outfit #3

As you may have noticed, Y2 inspired outfits are making a comeback. For those of us obsessed with 90s/2000s clothing, this stylish spring outfit is perfect!

If you want to start wearing some stylish y2k-inspired outfits, you should invest in a pretty pink cami like this and some 90s jeans like this It’s an easy outfit formula that you can wear every day of the week.

You can pair this outfit with some white Converse (Converse are back in style), but if you want to take it to the next level, you should consider joining the new platform Converse trend

For your accessories, all you need is a super cute faux fur bag, you could even get pink ones to go with this outfit, and a bear claw clip to add a fun hair look to this outfit.

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