3 extremely cute casual summer office outfits for work and internships

Whether you’re starting an internship or a new job after graduation, the lead-up to starting a job and the first few weeks can be a mix of nerves and excitement. You’ll meet new people, be introduced to new topics, learn about different ideas and adapt to a new company environment – the excitement is endless.

But after the excitement of the first few weeks wears off, all we’re really left with is the excitement of getting dressed. Just kidding. Work can be an extremely rewarding part of our lives, or whatever it is.

Dressing for work can really get you in the mood to work and be extremely productive. This is the reason I wear jeans during the workday, because there is something about them that makes them uncomfortable and makes me more productive. Luckily, internships and work are starting to take off in person, which means people will actually see what you’re wearing.
While layering is required to match outfits for work in every other season, in the summer we need clothes that breathe.

For decades, what women wear to work has been subject to intense public scrutiny – we’ve heard all sorts of comments from whether trousers are too masculine, or whether skirts are not ‘businesslike’ enough, or whether dresses are too provocative.

The bottom line of this scrutiny is not about what we should or should not wear to work; it is always about the fact that we are at work in the first place. (For more on how ‘professionalism’ is just code for oppression, see here).

But the latest news is that women have entered the workforce and we are apparently crushing it.

However, we still have to deal with the thorny issue of summer work dress codes. If you can comfortably wear trouser suits in 90°F weather, go ahead. But for those of us who do, there are a few things to remember when it comes to dressing for work in the summer.

Casual summer office outfit ideas you should try
Pencil skirt + silk blouse + blazer

If Elle Woods has taught us anything, and to be honest, she has taught us a lot, it is that pink is a colour of strength. Wear different shades of pink for a mix of strength and warmth.

Pencil skirts are a workplace staple, but satin fabrics will keep you cool in the summer. Pair with a silk top for a professional yet stylish look, like this hot pink one.

Jeans + white t-shirt + tweed blazer + heels

Wearing jeans and a white t-shirt to work? You heard me. The power of heels and tweed will prove me right.

Pair a nice white t-shirt with some nice jeans without rips and then accessorise with some elegant pieces. Pointed heels are a classic office outfit and the shade of blue will complement the jeans while also showing off the summer pop. Finally, although the tweed jacket may look a little dated, the outfit will balance itself out when paired with a casual outfit.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours, blue and orange are complementary colours.

Polo shirt + skirt + boots

This is my favourite work outfit, inspired by Rachel Green and partly by my fascination with equestrian style. Polo shirts are formal but also casual, depending on how you accessorise. So again, take advantage of the tweed by pairing the pony polo with a white tweed skirt.

Complete your look with some boots and a matching blazer, like this one, which complements the colour and adds an on-trend animal print detail without being too extravagant.

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