3 expert-approved ways to get your skin ready for your wedding day

A major event like a wedding can cause anxiety about looking your best, especially when it comes to your skin. In a crowded room with people’s attention focused on you, it’s important that your skin is glowing. Explore your options with some tips shared by three experts in the field of skin care.

One beautician’s advice
Nicola Joss was the beauty therapist of choice for recent bride Meghan Markle and she shares her advice on skin care in the countdown to a noteworthy event.

“A monthly, massaging facial will help remove toxins and tension and help improve and sculpt contours,” says Joss. If you’re concerned about scarring, localised congestion or surface tone, Joss recommends trying peels or microneedling four to six months before the event to help with skin texture, tone and smoothness. ‚Ä®Joss claims that if you are mindful of downtime, a minimum of four to six months lead time is required to introduce peels and laser treatments into your skin care routine.

I always advise [my clients] to take supplements, which help to fill the body with the right nutrients it needs throughout the day,” says Joss, who further advises adopting a healthy diet and reducing sugar and dairy intake.

Advice from an aesthetician
Dr Saras Sundrum of Dr Saras and Co, Sydney, explains some non-invasive options to ensure perfect skin on your wedding day.

A few HydraFacial treatments a month before the wedding allows the skin to be thoroughly cleansed and infused with the correct serum for common problems such as acne, redness or melasma,” says Sundrum. The skin will also become more hydrated, which in turn will help to minimise the appearance of fine lines.

Another new treatment with very little downtime is the Picosure laser.” Two to three treatments with the laser will ensure that the texture of the skin is perfect. It helps to soften wrinkles and fine lines, remove irritating melasma, tone and tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and help reduce the appearance of scars,” Sundrum claims, adding that this laser can be used on all skin tones.

Advice from a beauty therapist
If the minimalist approach you take on the big day leaves little time for preparation, then the Dermalogica LED Light Therapy Facial is perfect. This light therapy is gentle enough to be performed on the day, but successive treatments in the lead up will bring better results.Vaia Pappas, naturopath and Salon Director at Vaia Beauty, breaks down the benefits.

“What sets Dermalux apart from other LED machines is that it combines all three colours in one machine,” so multiple skin problems can be addressed at once. Those suffering from acne may particularly benefit.” The clinic specialises in natural remedies and inner health, and ….. .LED is …… non-invasive. There are no chemicals involved and it actually applies therapeutic light to the skin,” says Pappas.

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