2023 Halliday Wine Companion

Every year I wait patiently at the front door, hoping to see the postman rocking up with a huge package in his hand. While this sounds more like the introduction to a pornographic film than I initially intended, it’s an ironic comment on the level of excitement I get when a Harry Day Wine Companion delivery arrives on my doorstep. Every year, the bigwigs of the wine world release their official list of Australia’s best wines and this week, the wine bible was finally delivered. For those who haven’t flicked through it, the Wine Guide collates reviews, information and more than 5,000 tasting notes on the country’s major wineries, wines and wine-growing regions. Originally set up by wine legend James Halliday, the award and companion has now been passed on to Tyson Stelzer, who has taken on the difficult job of putting all the information together. If you’re a wine lover like me, I highly recommend you check out this guide this year and discover a whole host of amazing wineries you never knew existed.

North Face Men’s Ski Jacket A-CAD FUTURELIGHT
Scott Purcell – Co-Founder

I’ve just returned from skiing with AirBNB in Queenstown, where I was lucky enough to try out The North Face’s new shell ski jacket. the A-CAD jacket is probably my favourite aqua and dark green colourway to date, especially compared to the bright red Helly Hanson jacket I wore previously. As a shell it’s also more breathable, I tend to get very hot when skiing so it’s nice to have a lightweight super waterproof jacket with their new FUTURELIGHT technology. As with most premium ski jackets, it has all the features you’d expect such as internal mesh pockets for gloves, easy to use zips, lift access packs on the arms (with a hidden goggle wipe), underarm vents and a huge chest pocket. The hood also fits easily over the helmet, but one of my favourite things about this jacket is that when it is fully zipped up, there is no need for face or neck warmth. It keeps me properly comfortable without overheating.

Penfolds II 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah
Frank Arthur – Co-Founder

There’s nothing like a cosy night in the colder months in Sydney and the Penfolds II 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah is the perfect companion. For this wine, the South Australian winemakers have added some ‘I want to say’, working with Dourthe of Bordeaux to create their latest blend. The Penfolds II 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon is their first blend of Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon with South Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, creating the best balanced combination of old and new world winemaking.

Under the Banner of Heaven True Crime Series
Dennis Barnes – Head of Branded Content

Another true crime series, another day – but trust me when I say that this book is so crazy that it’s hard to believe it’s actually based on real life events. This story is about Mormon fundamentalists and the violent consequences of their unyielding faith. It all begins in the quiet suburbs of Salt Lake Valley, Utah, with the gruesome murder of Brenda Wright Rafferty and her 15-month-old baby daughter. What makes the series so gripping is that the lead detective, played by Andrew Garfield, is himself a member of the Latter Day Saints and throughout the series you go on a journey with him as he does his best to stay true to his religious beliefs while uncovering dark and dubious origins. It has an amazing cast and if true crime is your thing – this is sure to be your next binge. Available to watch on Disney+.

Hismile VIO405 Kit
Richie Hall – Video Producer

As a coffee (and wine) drinker, teeth whitening is something I’ve been wanting to look into for some time now. I’m not a big fan of having it done at the dentist, so Hismile’s latest release came at the right time. Introducing the VIO405 home teeth whitening kit, which uses a new violet light to activate the PAP+ formula like never before. In just 10 minutes and without any sensitivity, it is already working its magic to restore my pearly whites to their brightest state.



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